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Hazel Park, Michigan

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Since the inception of the Player's Club in October of 2002, members have redeemed nearly $1,300,000 in rewards. Being a member pays! To claim rewards immediately please visit the Player's Club Self-Service Kiosk located next to the program stand in the main lobby. For all clothing rewards please stop by the Winner's Circle desk in the lobby 6pm-10pm Friday or Saturday.
$1 Cash Voucher 100
Program Voucher 100
T-Shirt 950
Ball Cap 1000
Stocking Cap 1000
Sweatshirt 2,000
Polo Shirt 2,100
Jacket 5,500
Concessions / Food
Hot Dog & Small Pop 300
Breakfast Combo 400
1/3 lb. Burger & Fries 500
Club Sandwich 500
Wing Dings & Fries 500
Fish & Chips 600
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 600