Night at the Races

Night at the Races FAQ What is the Night at the Races? Night at the Races is our one-of-a-kind gift certificate package, good for any live racing night at Hazel Park Raceway. For just $50, you get an amazing deal worth $120, including a $40 voucher towards your dining room bill, a $20 voucher for wagering, 2 free Hazel Park racing programs, and a tour of our racing paddock and backstretch area, where you get to see the inside of a barn and can pet racehorses. Night at the races may not be used during event nights such as the Kentucky Derby or the fireworks extravaganza. Where do I purchase my Night at the Races certificate? Can I purchase it on a weekday? You can purchase your Night at the Races certificate from the receptionist in the Administration Building, which is the small red building located next to the clubhouse. We recommend buying your Night at the Races certificate the same night you come to the racetrack, but you can buy it during the week between 9:00am and 4:30pm. We recommend paying with cash, as the receptionist doesn’t have a credit card machine. I have a party of 4. Does that mean I need to purchase 4 Night at the Races certificates? One Night at the Races certificate should be enough to cover 2 people. If you have a party of 4, you might consider buying 2 certificates. Yes, the $40 on your dining room voucher does cover the cost of alcohol. 40$ voucher must be used all in one transaction. Is the tour before we have dinner or after? Your tour will be arranged by the dining room hostess, and will be during the races. She will inform you when your tour is.